RPT Committee

Jay Heryet


I am in thrall to woodturning and designing on the lathe. My fascination with the medium keeps me driven to find the perfect curve; for some artists the process isn’t important. For me, it is part of the whole. Whatever I create, the search for perfect form and sensuous curve is paramount, whilst maintaining a healthy degree of self-deprecation and whimsy.



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Carlyn Lindsay

Vice Chair and Exhibitions Coordinator

Carlyn, known for her ‘stripey wood’ began laminating at school, sticking anything together, making gluey lumps! It was the laminating that lead her to turning. Having completed her degree, Carlyn worked for 2 years as a furniture maker then started her business as a ‘Designer-Maker’ with help from the Prince’s Youth Business Trust. She was a board member of the trust for 4 years, helping others to launch their businesses. Carlyn, a full time maker was accepted onto the RPT in 2003 and became a committee member in 2020.


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George Shapland


George has been turning for around 17 years but only became a full time turner on retiring from the Army in 2017. Having trained under Stuart Mortimer, he turned professional in 2019 with the launch of his company Butterwood and was accepted on to the Register later that year. He joined the RPT Committee as Secretary in October ’21, adding Treasurer to his portfolio in June ’22.  He is also a Freeman of the Worshipful Company of Turners.


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Andy Pickard

Membership Secretary

Andy spent his early years as an engineer in Merchant Navy and later, in a power station. He spent a further 25 years working for an American tool firm before taking early retirement. Being accepted on to the Register in 2012, he later became a committee member and is now guiding new applicants into the RPT family as membership secretary. 


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Les Symonds

Feedback Coordinator and Newsletter Editor

Les became a hobby-turner in 2012 and left his teaching career to become a full-time, professional turner in 2014 when he opened his own small gallery and workshop in Snowdonia. In 2016 he joined the RPT, becoming editor of its newsletter and then a full committee member soon after. He teaches the craft to individual students two or three times a week. Les is also a regular feature writer for “Woodturning” magazine.


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Emma Cook

Website Coordinator

Emma began wood turning at the age of 16, following in the footsteps of her uncle and younger brother. Her love for the hobby quickly grew and following a number of visits to various woodturning shows she decided that wood turning was to be her career. This brave decision culminated in founding of her brand ‘The Tiny Turner’ in 2013 and Emma began demonstrating at clubs and shows throughout the UK and internationally. Two years later, she launched her online shop and in 2021 was accepted onto the Register of Professional Turners.  She joined the committee of the RPT in March 2022. 


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Joe Laird

Overseas Membership Representative

Having spent all his working life with wood, Joe is truly passionate about the craft; allowing the wood and its idiosyncrasies to determine the outcome of his pieces. With 20 years woodturning experience and 16 of these as a professional, he now demonstrates and teaches worldwide and regularly runs courses from his studio in Dublin. Joe plans to spend many more years exploring the endless possibilities of this fascinating, natural but enigmatic material we all love.


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Darren Breeze

Assessment Sub-Committee Member

In 2008, whilst running his construction company, Darren began his woodturning journey. This fascination with his new hobby quickly turned to obsession and with the boost of a Worshipful Company of Turners’ bursary award in 2017, opened his woodturning gallery and shop in Lowestoft. Now Darren demonstrates both in person and IRD in the UK and Europe; he also teaches and sells myriad woodturning paraphernalia in his shop, website and through eBay. In 2018 he was accepted on to the Register and became a committee member in 2023. 



Andy Ewens

Ex Officio – Chair of Howe Committee – Worshipful Company of Turners


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