Apply for Membership of the RPT – International Applicants

Apply for Membership of the RPT – International Applicants

Application for Enrolment onto the Register of Professional Turners


1. We are delighted that you have considered applying for enrolment on to the Register of Professional Turners.

2. Founded in 1979, the Register of Professional Turners is dedicated to uphold high standards and quality in woodturning whether this be architectural, functional, treen or artwork. 

3. The Register comprises skilled wood turners who have a professional approach to all areas of their work. This could be making, selling and/or marketing to public, trade, galleries and museums; teaching or demonstrating, they will be offering work and a service of professional-quality. 

4. The Register works towards supporting its membership, promoting their expertise, professionalism, the expansion and growth of woodturning and the public awareness of the craft. 

Overseas Membership

Overseas membership includes all the benefits of domestic membership with the one exception of voting rights which are limited to UK based turners only. To ensure representation of overseas members within the Register, a permanent seat on the committee has been established with the principle aim of looking after the interests of those members. 

Criteria for eligibility

5. The most important element is that you have a professional outlook to producing quality work; therefore you will be a highly competent wood turner in your particular field of woodturning, always adhering to the highest standards of work and complying with the health and safety guidelines as set out in HSE government website: 

6. The membership secretary will be available to offer help and guidance to all applicants –

7. Please note, that for each application, there is a non-refundable administration fee of £30.00 for UK based members and £50.00 for overseas members.  

8. The Annual subscription (from 1 June 2024) will be £60.00 payable on 1 June each year.  On the year of joining, you will pay a pro-rata subscription based on the number of months remaining for the membership year.

Application process 

9. The application process comprises the following:

a. Confirmation of eligibility via completion of an online form and submission of photographs of work.   

b. An in person or Zoom interview and workshop-visit from a RPT  assessor/s.

c. Notification of results.

10. Therefore please:

a. Complete the on-line application form below.

b. Using the designated box, upload photographs of recently finished pieces of work which were made solely by you. We require photographs of 4 different pieces. Please submit up to 4 photos of each of these pieces, to show various angles and elements of the item and any specific detail you would like to emphasise (therefore up to 16 photographs).  These photos will be considered by the RPT assessment committee who will respond to you in due course.

c. If the application is deemed eligible, an assessment will be organised, which may be via an on-line video call or an in-person workshop visit by an RPT assessor (adhering to any necessary Covid 19 restrictions and social distancing if required).


11. The assessment comprises the following elements:

a. An informal interview.

b. Evidence of style, design, finish and quality of completed works.

c. A short demonstration of turning to include a commentary on the process being performed, to include mounting the work piece, truing it up and showing some finishing cuts.   This is to illustrate a fundamental understanding of tools, processes, techniques and safety; it is to show your safe turning skills and not a test of your demonstration skills. This should help the assessor confirm you have made the pieces previously inspected.

d. Proof of compliance to health and safety guidelines, including visual evidence of in-date fire extinguishers, first aid kit and suitable storage of flammable liquids. A risk assessment might help to guide you in this area (see Para 5 above).

e. At the conclusion of the assessment, the assessor(s) will report their findings and recommendations to the assessment committee. The committee will make its final decision based on all evidence and information received after which you will be contacted to inform you of the decision and provided with feedback as details below.

12. The following documents will help you in preparing for the assessment:

a. RPT Form 3 – RPT Assessment Policy and Procedure

b. RPT Form 6 – Assessment sheets 

c. RPT Form 13 – Advisory guidance notes for workshops

d. RPT Form 29 – Code of Practice


13. Successful applicants, once payment of the current annual subscription fee has been received (pro rata for the first year), will be accorded the benefits of inclusion on to the roll of the Register of Professional Turners. These include a personal entry on the RPT website and the right to display the RPT logo, the shield of the Worshipful Company of Turners and to use the post nominal RPT. A welcome pack, to include your certificate and badges will be dispatched. 

14. Unsuccessful applicants will be informed at either of the two stages and offered feedback and advice on any remedial action required before another application is made to join the RPT.

Application Form

To be used for correspondence and website login.
Enter your business website URL including ‘https://’ or any other platforms you use to sell/exhibit your work If you do not have this, please enter your main Social Media platform here where you post images of your work
Please enter the link to your Facebook Page here to give us options to contact you https://
Please enter the link to your Instagram Account here to give us options to contact you https://
If you have or are known for any special products, techniques or skills, add them here.
Click or drag files to this area to upload. You can upload up to 16 files.
Please upload FOUR high resolution images of four separate items you have recently turned in .jpeg .jpg .pdf or .png format. Images must be no larger than 10MB each and ideally 3000px on the longest edge.
Terms and conditions:
By checking the ‘Agree’ box above, you are digitally signing the application form and you are confirming that you meet the selection criteria of the Register of Professional Turners and will adhere to the code of practice. You are also agreeing to maintain high standards of design, execution and finish in your work, and that you commit to uphold the craft of turning. You accept that the sole arbiter of your eligibility for membership of the Register is the committee of the Register of Professional Turners, and that if your name is entered in the Register, the Register may keep your craftsmanship and general conduct under review.
You are also agreeing to your personal details that you have supplied being kept on a data base for use by the Register. You details will not be passed on to a third party and are in agreement with the Register of Professional
Turners Privacy Policy which can be viewed on the RPT website.
By signing you are also confirming that you fully understand that if you fail to maintain the high standards of craftsmanship expected of you, or if you behave in a manner which, in the sole opinion of the Committee, is likely to bring the Register into disrepute or cause disharmony among its members, then your name may be removed, without liability, whether on the part of the Company, the Register, or any of their respective officers, and you will be required to return the certificate of Registration and any badges provided to you to the Clerk of the Company, and thereafter make no claim to membership.