Below is the information you need to update your entry on the website. The update process is quick, simple and presented in a single form for you. Click HERE to download a pdf version of these instructions.

Step 0

If you have not yet added your directory entry, you need to add it before you can edit it. On the right side of the page (or towards the bottom of the page on a mobile device), click the ‘Add My Directory Entry‘ link to display your information.

Step 1

After you have added your directory entry and need to edit it, on the right side of the page (or towards the bottom of the page on a mobile device), click the ‘Edit My Directory Entry‘ link to display your information in an editable form.

Step 2 – Name and Categories

On the edit entry screen, you are presented with the editable information.

The top box is for your name, job title (Director, for example), the organisation (business name) and the department.

You can leave blank, any unnecessary box.

The box beneath that is ‘Category’. Click in the white box and choose one or more categories of turning that you engage in. These are used in the search, so it is important you complete this box.

Step 3 – Images

Next down the page is a space for an image, and another for a logo if you have one.

Click the ‘Choose File’ button and select an image from your computer (square preferably) suitable for your entry. A picture of you at work would be good, perhaps.

Next, do the same for a Logo. If you do not have a logo, another suitable image will be fine.

Step 4 – Address and Phone Numbers

In the next box down the page, enter your address. As the directory is United States-centric, ignore the ‘County’ box and add your County in the ‘State’ box instead, and in the Zipcode, put your postcode.

Then add your country – this is important for the mapping page of the directory.

You do not need to add the Latitude and Longitude as the mapping should find a good approximation for your post code. However, we recommend visiting to find more precise coordinates. Enter them in the correct boxes when you have found them and an accurate map will display for you. If you do not wish to have your workshop pinpointed, use the website and find (for example), a location somewhere else in your vicinity.

Privacy: The change the visibility of your address, add it (so the committee have a record of your address) and change the Visibility setting from Public to Private.

Beneath that, you can enter your phone numbers. To add more than one, click the blue ‘Add Phone Number’ button.

Step 5 – Email and Social Media

Next to do is add your email addresses. Add them in the same way as your phone number(s).

Below this are your Social Media IDs. From the drop down menu, select the social media account you wish to link to and add the full URL to the correct account page.

Add additional accounts by clicking the blue ‘Add Social Media ID’ button.

Step 6 – Website Links

Your website links come next. As before, you can add more than one.

Choose the type of link from the drop down menu, give the link a suitable name, then add the full URL to the website in the box provided.

Step 7 – Biography and Notes

Then we come to your biography. Add as much text here as you wish to describe you, your business and your work.

Beneath this is a section for Notes. Use this section for any other information – such as closed for holiday etc.

To add a video from YouTube, simply copy and paste the video URL from your web browser onto a new line. After you have pasted a correct URL into the box, the website will recognise this and display the video for you.

Step 8 – Excerpt and Facilities

If you wish, you can add a short ‘Excerpt’ from your biography for inclusion on the site.

Ignore the ‘Order’ section.

Next, click the check-boxes for facilities you have available for customers and students. These are not used in search terms, but are shown in your directory listing.

Step 9 – Business Hours and Finish

Finally, we come to your business hours. Add opening and closing times on the days you wish.

If you are Open by Appointment Only, tick the checkbox in the ‘Appointment’ box and leave the business hours blank.

When you’re done, click the green ‘Submit’ button and your entry will be updated.

After a few seconds, you will see a brief update message on the screen before the form is displayed again. Double check the information before leaving the page.

Step 10 – Check!

To take a look at your entry on the website, click the ‘View My Directory Entry’ on the right side of the page (or near the bottom on a mobile device).

The page then displayed will be how the public and other members will see your entry.