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Many of our members offer training courses for those new to turning, intermediate turners and also for more experienced turners looking for specialised tuition.
All our tutors have many hours of hands-on experience delivering professionally structured courses in well equipped workshops, with an emphasis on health and safety, and where you can be assured you will receive top class tuition individually tailored to your requirements and ability.

If you’re a beginner or wish to learn new woodturning techniques our members can offer training in every aspect of woodturning.

When you book a training session with an RPT member, you can be certain that you will receive top quality tuition from a highly skilled turner who has years of woodturning and teaching experience.

Below are all the registered professional turners who offer a teaching service, randomly ordered. Click their name to view the complete details, or use the ‘Show Bio’ or ‘Show Map’ links for a quick view.

Philip Greenwood

Mr Greenwood Crafts
Mobile: 07825563433 Web:


My career in woodturning started in 1986 after leaving engineering. I spent many years attending craft fairs. A major change happened when I moved into a craft workshop with my wife Wendy who is a glass artist. I was accepted onto the Register in 2006 this was a very proud moment for me. I like to work with native timber, mostly from tree surgeons; this allows me to choose the way it’s converted to obtain the best figuring. My work ranges from utility ware to works of art. I produce small to large items which I sell in my shop. In 2010 I was commissioned to make the trophies for the UCI world mounting bike event at Dalby Forest North Yorkshire. Since 2008 I have demonstrated at the Harrogate Woodworking Show. I have run courses in my workshop since 2006. I enjoy passing on my skills and knowledge to new students. These are run one to one unless you would like to bring a friend. Online courses and IRDs Demonstrations are available ask for details. I was  Vice-Chairman  of the RPT for 4 years  until I stepped down in 2020


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