Mr Timmy Cooper


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I specialise in the design and crafting of high quality bespoke furniture and woodturnings. I have a passion for working with wood, which started many years ago from the tender age of 5.

P1010159I was lucky enough to be encouraged and tutored throughout my childhood and in the latter years I have been able to spend time learning from and working alongside some of the top craftsmen in the country. I thank all those who have passed on their knowledge, I would not be in the same position without it, I am especially grateful to Bruce Hamilton a furniture maker who I have a great respect and appreciation for. Also thanks to Nick Agar who opened my eyes to a new world of woodturning.

After completion of my school education, I focused solely on my woodwork. This led to my nomination and assessment for the Register of Professional Wood Turners. I successfully became the youngest member to be accepted onto the register and only one of 13 in Scotland. I won the 2011 Worshipful Company of Turners Bursary award, which allowed me to travel the UK and spend time learning from some of the best turners in the world. I have since gained experience from constant practice and yet further time spent with experienced craftsmen, I also built and fully equipped a workshop based in Lochwinnoch, Renfrewshire.

To compliment my income I have qualified as a tree surgeon which also grants me access to some of the most unusual timbers available and in 2013 I started the company Beaver Tree Surgeons with my father.

My study continues at the Glasgow School of Art and The University of Glasgow. This has led to some interesting innovations in my work, in particular introducing working with metal.

I currently find that most of my work is through commission, though I also take part in exhibitions. This allows me to create and display exquisite pieces of my own design which though not commercially viable, take turning from a craft to an art. This side of my work consists of sculptures or pieces with no function, made simply with aesthetics in mind, constructed from a variety of materials from timber such as burr elm to decorative metals e.g. pewter. In 2012 I was invited to display this work at Wizardry in Wood London on behalf of the Register of Professional Turners. This exhibition is one of the most prestigious turning exhibitions and involves some of the best turners worldwide. I was happy to hear my work was well received.

My workload continues to increase, as does my experience, along with my reputation. I hope to continue on this same path with a hope to one day becoming internationally renowned, bringing innovation to the craft.

Timmy Cooper

Artist in Wood