Mr Phil Irons

Phil Irons. Woodturner
Box Acre
Barton Rd
Welford on Avon

CV37 8EY
Phone: 01789 751284
Mobile: 07774 212635

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I was born in Sydney, Australia of British parents and as a family we moved back to England when I was 18. My introduction to woodturning came at the age of 13 when my father was given a child’s cast iron treadle lathe made in the USA in the 1870’s by an antique dealer he was doing work for. She thought she’d bought a treadle sewing machine, it was her lose and our gain. I became more involved in my late twenty’s and took it up professionally in my mid 30’s.

Turning isn’t just an occupation, it’s a passion and I gain a great deal of satisfaction in taking a piece of firewood and creating a piece of art.

Over the years I have taught and demonstrated in Ireland, France, Belgium, Germany, Spain, Finland, Denmark, Norway, South Africa, USA and New Zealand.