Mr Gordon Knight

Hollow Creations
Cross Lane

Phone: 01609 882050

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Elegance & Beauty from trees ravished by nature
Gordon’s background centred round corporate management and sales. However, he served his apprenticeship as a wood-cutting machinist and this experience fuelled his love of work as well as giving him a lasting knowledge of tools and machines. Refusing to follow the family trade, he turned his back on working with wood and moved into the entertainment industry. The roller-coaster path of marketing, management, sales, staff, costs, targets and profits led to the stress levels many will recognise and he decided to take early retirement in 1998.

Using this new-found freedom of time, Gordon looked for a new challenge and re-discovered his love for working with wood. Learning a new set of skills combined with his early knowledge of wood craft and he developed a special interest in creating hollow forms. Gordon uses green timber – working with unseasoned wood generates a series of challenges in ensuring the pieces do not crack during the drying process. Using trees which have been damaged in some way by nature, whether it be storms or disease, or trees which have been taken down for environmental reasons, Gordon strips away layers of bark and wood on a journey of discovery to find the features nature has hidden within. Then, using simple shapes to encapsulate nature’s artistry, he aims to create an item of elegance and beauty.
“Within each piece, I capture the legacy of a dying tree, breathing new life into dead wood, prese5rving a fragment of Yorkshire for  generations to come.”
Finding premises in a Gd II listed building on the edge of the beautiful North Yorkshire moors has enabled Gordon to have a workshop where visitors can watch him at work. The adjoining gallery features Gordon’s work alongside ceramics and glass from other accomplished British craftspeople.