The Register of Professional Turners Unveils Fresh New Website and Logo

Over the last few months, the Register of Professional Turners have been rebuilding their website and redesigning their logo to present a fresh and business-like new look in time for The Worshipful Company of Turners event Wizardry in Wood in October.

Built quietly behind the old website, the new site was built from the ground up by RPT Webmaster Martin Saban-Smith with input from the committee and a small group of RPT members. They were instrumental in giving feedback the functionality of the site and what they would like to see available.

For the public, the site promotes RPT members as a reliable resource for excellence and quality in woodturning in a number of disciplines. Some may be well known to the public whilst others, not so much.

Members can be found quickly and easily on the site with their details presented in a modern and neatly laid out format including their address, contact details and website. Many members have also included new details about their turning history as well as a gallery of their own work to help attract enquiries.

There are also dedicated sections of the two most requested disciplines – Tuition and Demonstrating, making it even easier for turners and the public to find what they are looking for.

Joining the RPT and providing feedback for demonstrations and tuition has also been made easier with simply laid out forms and quick in-house processing. Plus, the new site has been built to be completely mobile friendly with a dynamic layout that seamlessly reformats the pages no matter what device it is viewed on without losing functionality.

The RPT strides towards a more progressive and forward thinking approach. The stylish website which Martin has beautifully crafted is just one such step forward in the evolution of the RPT. I am absolutely delighted with the way the site looks and feels; comprising relevant information for both turners and the public. It delivers a modern but user-friendly shopfront to the RPT. 
This is just one of many initiatives the committee is nurturing and we are looking forward to a very exciting, modern and active future for the RPT.  

Jay Heryet, RPT Chair

New Logo, too!

Just today, the RPT unveiled the new logo device for the organisation.

Professionally designed, it is evocative and contemporary being distinctive, innovative and modern, whilst reflecting the heritage and history of turning.

After a huge amount of time and discussion this has been achieved beyond measure, and it is with pleasure that the committee unveils the new logo; our new logo to aid us in our quest to stand out in the world of craft in promoting quality and excellence in our turning.

Jay Heryet, RPT Chair

Since the new RPT committee started work back in March, there has been a phenomenal amount of work done behind the scenes on the website, logo and other initiatives. The new website and logo are just the beginning of a much bigger task to promote professional woodturning to a wider audience in the public as well as among woodturners.